Hi there! My name's Zoey and this is my theme blog. You can learn a little bit more about me right here.

zoeyrph Navigation Theme #2: Rain of Gold

Theme Features:

  • 5 Before Acceptance links and 5 After Acceptance links.
  • There are two 280x500 px sidebar graphics to make things look pretty. These can be GIFs or images.
  • The two before acceptance and after acceptance banners are 260x90 px in size, and should be PNGs.
  • There are home, message, and dashboard links on the left.

Conditions of Use:

  • Do not remove the credit. It is very small and in the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Don’t claim as your own, and don’t redistribute the code.
  • Don’t edit the code and redistribute! Of course, you can edit for your own use, but do not post it as an edited theme.
  • Don’t use this code as a base to make your own theme.
  • Don’t use and redistribute the graphics as your own.
  • Don’t use my graphics without consent.
  • If you need help customizing message me here.

Static Preview | Live Preview | Code }

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